Angel works with active and sedentary individuals, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts to help treat their muscle imbalances and reach their fitness goals.  We specialize in assessing your muscular imbalances which is often the cause of most injuries, pain, or strains.

From this assessment we are able to create a personalized treatment plan to teach you how to manage and understand your recovery process so you can get back into action as soon as possible.


Active and Sedentary Adults
If you have ever experienced back and neck strain, bad posture, hip tightness, limitation in flexibility, etc., associated with your daily work routine, Angel can help correct these discomforts and teach you how to prevent them from happening in the future. Her techniques have also been used to slow down or even reverse the aging process and aid in the prevention of arthritis.

Athletes and Dancers
Athletes are prone to injuries caused by repetitive movements from their specific sport. Until recently, athletes had to work through aches and pains. But now, Angel can use multiple techniques to test the muscles, get to the root of pain or injury, and treat the problem so that you are back on the playing field or dance floor in no time at all! Angel’s techniques are especially used on dancesport competitors to increase flexibility and range of motion, increase stability and balance, increase power and foot speed, reduce and eliminate soreness, and prevent injuries. Her techniques have been known to help some of the best ballroom and ballet dancers in the world recover from injuries and improve their natural abilities.

Fitness Enthusiasts
Whether you want to be the top athlete of your sport, or you just wish to maintain peak muscle performance, Angel’s muscle techniques can help improve your mobility, stability, flexibility, and speed of recovery. A well-balanced body prevents injuries.

Explanation of Muscle Activation Technique

Greg Roskopf, the Founder of Muscle Activation Technique describes this game changing technique that is one of the many tools leveraged by Angel Mamma.